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Headsweats Rewards Program

Headsweats Rewards Program

Headsweats Rewards Program

Welcome to the Headsweats Rewards Program

For our most devoted customers, we've introduced our new rewards program to thank you for your commitment to Headsweats. Now every time you shop with us, you can earn reward points which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. How cool is that?! But spending alone isn't the only way you'll be rewarded for your support, you can also earn extra points by sharing on social and referring friends to our site. It's as simple as that!
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Earn Points $1 = 2 HS Points Spend Points 100 HS Points = $1

Ways to Earn Points

First, you much be signed into your account, and then it's simple to earn points for purchasing your favorite hat or visor. We also want to give you more ways to collect points so you can get FREE product! If you follow us on social and share with your friends, we are happy to give you extra points for being so loyal!
500 HS Points
For creating a HS account
500 HS Points
For referring a friend
250 HS Points
For writing an After Purchase Product Review
50 HS Points
For sharing on Facebook
50 HS Points
For liking us on Facebook
50 HS Points
For following on Instagram
50 HS Points
For sharing on Twitter
50 HS Points
For following us on Twitter
50 HS Points
For adding your Birthday

Ways to Spend Points

Now that you have the points, we bet you want to know how you can spend them. Sign in to your account, go to the rewards tab and click to redeem your points, it's that easy!
$5 off
For 500 Points
$10 off
For 1000 Points
$15 off
For 1500 Points
$20 off
For 2000 Points
$25 off
For 2500 Points
25% off
For 2500 Points
$30 off
For 3000 Points
30% off
For 3000 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Earn Bonus Points? To earn reward points, you first need to have an account on our store. Please sign up for an account. Once you have an account you can then earn reward points by placing orders and completing any of the actions in our earning section for bonus points.
  • How to Spend Points? You can spend your points on any order you place through our store. At the cart and at the checkout please enter the coupon code you were given for redeeming points. Please make sure you are logged in first!
  • How many times can I share on Social Media? You can share on social media our products or pages as many times as you would like. However we can only offer rewards for the first 10 times you share on social media.
  • How do I get points for reviewing a product? Points will be added to your account when reviewing products through our 'after purchase' emails. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to reward points when reviewing on our site.