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quotes.jpgHi Headsweats! I just want to say THANKS! I ordered five visors and five hats from your grab bag a few days ago. I mentioned that I'd prefer the Coolmax material. Thank you for sending me all Coolmax products. I'm very happy with the selections you sent me, particularly the Colorado ones. I'm sharing this order with two of my cousins who are from Colorado, so they'll scoop those right up. 

- Thanks again. I am a happy customer.  Phil Roucoulet

Thank you for the professionalism and integrity conveyed by the product and the service of Headsweats. I received th e replacement cycle cap yesterday and it meets the expected standards I've come to appreciate as a customer of Headsweats. Based on the reoccurring quality and level of service experienced as a customer, I find myself avoiding the purchase of other hats in favor of those at Headsweats. It's difficult to imagine another company one-upping Headsweats.
-Thanks,  Frank

quotes.jpg I want to thank you for the GREAT customer service that you have!!! I asked you if it was possible to include Puerto Rico in your "free shipping" service and you kindly did it. I deeply appreciate your consideration and that you really took action. As soon as news were received about the shipping service, I placed my order and received the product. Another BIG THANKS for such a GREAT product. My family fell in love with the caps and visors and one of my co-workers asked me about the product.  I will forever be a loyal headsweats customer.  Thanks a lot and wish you lot of success!!!

quotes.jpgThanks so much for your continued support for this weary old intrepid, truly a blessing!  Your Race Hat literally saved my butt this past summer--as I completed my Great American Loop Trek (GAL), 18,300 miles over a time span of 15 years. Odyssey 2013 involved a 930-mile trek across Texas, from El Paso to Galveston, most of it (trekking east) in the westbound emergency lane of I-10. That hike connected the southern end of the Continental Divide Trail in New Mexico to the western end of the Florida Trail in the Florida Panhandle--and completed the GAL, all four corners, all four sided of the lower 48.  Across eastern New Mexico, then all of Texas, the desert heat was simply brutal. Without the protection provided me by your Race Hat, I probably would have just wandered off into the desert and disappeared.
- M. J. Eberhart

  quotes.jpg I want to tell you how much I like your classic cottons. I have used them since 2007, and have reordered several times from you as they wear out. I wear them every time while riding on the Expresso bike at Cozad Wellness Center (5-6 days a week), mowing in the summer, or fishing when it's hot. I just order 3 more of the classic cottons to replace a couple that are finally wearing out after hundreds of washing and 4-5 years of hard use.You make an excellent product!
- Mike McClure

quotes.jpgYOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! I am blown away by your customer service and I have told many a friend about my experience. I thank you, my wife thanks you, our dog Roxy thanks you too and I am forever a loyal customer.
- Peace and Love Your Way Y'all Grateful Dave G. 

quotes.jpgI would just like to say how much I love these hats! I'm a rower and I never go out on the water without a headsweat on. I currently have 16 of these hats; I can't get enough! Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful product!
- Rachel Serafy

quotes.jpg Dear Alan,
I wanted to let you know that the hats got here this afternoon. We opened them immediately in front of our jealous office-mates, and they look fantastic. Thanks again for all your help on this; getting them designed, produced and shipped so quickly was a huge effort on your part and we really appreciate it.  We'll let you know how the Workshop in Tunis goes and how everyone likes the hats!
- Thanks again, Ben

quotes.jpgAs an very active endurance athlete I use Heasdsweats COCONA beanies and hats virtually every time I walk out the door. From snow shoeing in below zero to running through the hottest desert, this headgear provides unsurpassed wicking comfort and protection.
- Ian Adamson 7x adventure race world champion 2x Guinness world record holder Producer, 24 Hours of Triathlon

quotes.jpgThank you so much for your help on these, they will look great on our athletes heads. I love the Alpine beanie, it has been on my head except for when in the shower and sleeping at night. Please let me know if/how I can ever be of help in getting the word out about what a great product Headsweats is. Take care.
- Benjamin Schloegel, Endurance Management Group llc

quotes.jpgHeadsweats makes performance hatwear that allows us to race hard, manage sweat when we are pushing the pace, and focus on pushing the barriers of human endurance.   Your hats Rock.bThey are the best!
- "Earring" Doug Judson-Captain-Tecnu Extreme/Staphasetic adventure racing team

quotes.jpgI love your stuff and will be contacting you again when I write a column on marathon headwear.Nothing can touch yours. I wish I'd I've thought of it before this past L.A. Marathon.
- LA Times Outdoor/Sports Editor

quotes.jpgI have to tell you they are also the most comfortable,cool, light and attractive caps I have ever used, and I have the best ever fun wearing one on one day and another the next - it has our whole village talking and many jealous Mums!! Especially the pink one!!
- Michele Owens, Austrailia

quotes.jpgI purchased a Coolmax Headsweats visor from REI for tennis.Love it, and need more.   The way I sweat when playing tennis, this is perfect! Great products!!
- Penelope, via email

quotes.jpgEveryone on my team has tried my Headsweats hat from last year and they areTHROWING AWAY their [Other Name Brand] hats and want a Headsweats ... I kept telling them they ROCK!
- Lola, via email

quotes.jpgLast time I have purchased few Coolmax race hats, and they are excellent. We'll use them regularly for racing from now on.
- Niska Skelin, 2 time Olympic champion

quotes.jpgI wanted to let you know that I have published my review of the SpinCycle cap... I just love your stuff and really enjoyed the opportunity to cover the SpinCycle, it's become my favorite cap.
- James Booth, LizardWorks Magazine

quotes.jpgBought one from a motorcycle shop in Florida. Lost it in the laundry, here on the oil platform. It was the only 'dew rag' I had that would keep the sweat out of my eyes while working 150 miles south of New Orleans. I HAD to have another!
- Matt, via email

quotes.jpgIn the mid summer heat and humidity of south Florida I was having trouble keeping the sweat out of my eyes while I was bicycling. I ordered and received the "Skull Cap" from your website. I no longer have that problem. Your product works as advertised.
- Thanks....Mark

quotes.jpgWe were on holiday in the Bahamas, and a kind gentleman who is a customer of yours came over to my husband with his 'Headsweats', because he was sweating badly! He gave us your web address. Since coming home I purchased one from you-and he thinks it is the best thing ever!! I will placing another order soon for a different one.
- THANKS, Lynne

quotes.jpgTo be honest, before Headsweats came around, I was not a hat person, because they made my head hot. But now, I wear a hat every time I go out for a run and race. I like the way the hat keeps my hair out of my face and protects me from the sun. The hat is also so nice and light. Thanks for turning me into a hat person!
- Nicola Gildersleeve LA Sportiva

quotes.jpgAgain these work great, nice to have a variety of visors and hats. I would really love to see them offer a hat with the flaps for the ears and neck. I'm out all day for hours at a time; sunscreen washes off with all the sweating (and it makes things hotter). I've gotten sunburned despite trying to apply sunscreen during sunny 100-mile runs. I wear one during most of my sunny training runs. It would be nice to have one with the Sportiva logo for races.
-Mark Tanaka LA Sportiva

quotes.jpgI am a sweater; I mean I sweat a lot when it is hot out. I always need to have something on my head that keeps the sweat out of my eyes. The Race Day hat does an excellent job of that. The terry cloth band feels like it actually wicks the sweat from the front and drains at the back. I have yet to have any issues with sweat in the eyes with this hat.
- Buddy Jones LA Sportiva

quotes.jpgI hate to be negative, but whether or not I can wear a hat while running has more to do with what the hat ISN’T than what it IS. If it is tight, hot, heavy, or stiff, it gets tossed. Luckily, with Headsweats those tossing days are over. My little pile of Headsweats ( hats for cool or rainy days, and visors for warm and sunny days) are now part of my regular running gear. They look and fit great, and are very breathable and comfortable.
- Sara Montgomery LA Sportiva