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4 Things You Need Before Cycling This Fall

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Since 1998, Headsweats has been developing performance hats and caps for athletes and lovers of exercise. It's our dedication to our customers and the love for what we do that keeps us constantly looking to improve our products. From our running caps and cycling hats to casual, everyday hats, we would never put a product on the market that we wouldn't wear ourselves.

With fall on our heels and cooler temperatures finally arriving for most of the country, a lot of us here at Headsweats are gearing up for autumn cycling. As one of our favorite pass times, cycling in cooling weather requires a few crucial gear pieces to keep you performance optimal.

1. A nice, light biking jacket. Just because the temperature is 40 degrees does not mean you should bundle up. After only about 10 minutes of hard riding, your body will begin to generate heat like a furnace. A lightweight, wind-resistant jacket as your outer layer will prevent you from overheating.

2. A biking jersey or top. It's always recommended that you start with a thin base layer - polyester, not cotton! This will help you stay dry.

3. The accepted rule of thumb is to keep your knees covered at 50 degrees or lower. Store your shorts for next year and pull out your capris or full-length tights if it's too much colder.

4. Headwear! This is of course our favorite category. Your helmet has some great vents that help cool your head on hot summer days, but as the temperatures cool down you need to keep your head covered. A great cycling hat, skullcap, or headband is ideal to wear under helmets as the temperatures start to drop.