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A Brief History Of Running & Jogging | Headsweats Running Hats

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Here at Headsweats, it’s pretty obvious that we love running, in addition to our awesome running hats and running caps. We also love learning about the history behind running and why we run and jog like we do today. You know, it wasn’t until fairly recently that jogging was even considered something to do socially or for fitness.

Most people agree that running as a fitness tool began sometime in the sixteenth century when swordsmen used running and jogging when training for battle or fights. Before then, competitive running among local areas in Europe happened during religious festivals sometime between 1829 BC and 632 BC.

Let’s fast forward to the 19th and 20th century. Big time gap, huh? The history of running is definitely a bit hit and miss and recreational running didn’t really pop up until the last 40+ years. Running and jogging increasingly became popular in this time period and used in training regimes before it because a professional athletic sport. But what caused the sudden rise of recreational running popularity?

Arthur Lydiard, a New Zealander, formed the first Jogging club in the early 60s. Soon after, in 1962, an American man named Bill Bowman went running in New Zealand one day with Arthur. After that, he came back to the states and published a book that would start the running craze: Jogging.

About 25 million people took up jogging in the 1970s, including Clint Eastwood and even President Jimmy Carter. Now, we have huge events like the Boston Marathon, one of the most prestigious races in the world, as well as the London Marathon.