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A New Season Calls for a New Cycling Cap!

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With February almost over and March soon to arrive, a new season is almost here. If you get excited every spring to get your bike out of the garage and hit the paths and trails around your town or city, it's the perfect time to pick up a new helmet from your local sporting goods store, as well as a new cycling cap from Headsweats! We have several styles and designs that will fit perfectly under your new helmet, keeping you cool and dry during your cycling outings.

For those cyclists that don't prefer a full cap while riding, we have lots of head and sweatband options on our site. Our Topless sweatband fits nearly every size of head and with five color options, you can match it to the color of your helmet, bike, or cycling attire. The terry fabric band will keep the sweat from running off your forehead and into your eyes, keeping your vision clear as you maneuver over the hills and streets of your city. A cap or headband can also help your helmet rest more comfortably on your head.

Before you pump up your bike tires and make sure your seat is at the proper height, gear up with a new cycling cap from Headsweats. With headband, shorty, mid, and skullcap options, you can find the perfect style and fit for your head. If you're part of a cycling group or team, you can all sport the same color, or have a custom cap made for each member, no matter if they're male or female. Enjoy your cycling this spring!