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A Warm Head is a Happy Head

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At Headsweats, we don't just believe in keeping you cool during those long summer bike rides - we also want to keep you warm during those early morning runs during the winter months. While it may still be debated that humans lose a majority of their body heat through their head, we just want to provide comfortable headwear, such as running hats and skullcaps, that help retain as much heat as possible. Our selection of winter gear for both men and women will let you keep warm during those morning jogs or bike rides in December and January.

If you live in a cold climate, it's important to wear layers when exercising outside. Starting with your head, putting on a skullcap or beanie, such as our Summit Beanie, will keep the top of your head warm. The Summit Beanie isn't bulky or heavy on your head, and will wick away moisture as you sweat. Paired with your layers and underlayers, your head and the rest of your body will stay protected from the cold, and you'll be able to effectively exercise outdoors. We also have thermal headbands and reversible beanies, and when you choose our reversible beanie, you can customize it with your team or company logo.

Exercising outdoors may not be an attractive idea for some people, but if you're dedicated to getting in that run or ride, no matter what the calendar says, make sure you have the proper gear ready to go. With skullcaps, beanies, and headbands, Headsweats will do whatever we can to keep your head warm this winter.