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Choosing the Perfect Running Buddy

Posted by Teresa Haines on

As a leading manufacturer of running hats and running caps, you can imagine that we have our fair share of running enthusiasts on staff here at Headsweats. And as dedicated to our training as we are, we too have experienced plateaus. Most fitness enthusiasts and professionals know the dreaded plateau. That area of weight loss or performance where not much is happening and results suddenly and inexplicably go stagnant. Continuing on the same path, at the same level, alone, often proves to be nothing more than an act in frustration which can, for many runners, lead to burnout. One way to push past that plateau is to find a friend, seek support or procure a playmate for fun on the run. 

Running as a duo or within a group has been proven to increase performance by allowing you to push past your normal boundaries and exceed your personal expectations. Where there can be many benefits of having a running buddy, choosing one wisely ensures that you attain those added benefits that you seek. Keep these few guidelines for choosing a training ally that will keep you on track:

  • Don't be shy in asking other runners if they're interested in having company along. If you don't know anyone check out social sites like or to find like-minded running enthusiasts.
  • Set your pace. Matching your speed and pace is key in finding the right partner or running group. If you feel like you've lost a step or are being pushed beyond your limits, find another option.
  • Be a partner, not a competitor. Find a buddy who will help you push through plateaus and encourage reaching goals but avoid trying to beat each other. This can get old when all you were looking for was a little camaraderie.