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Cycling: A Brief History | Headsweats Cycling Hats

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We love cycling and love those who cycle, too. Our patented line of cycling hats and cycling caps have done wonders for those where were looking for a way to keep their head warm, sweat and sunscreen out of their eyes, and sun out of their eyes. But what about the history behind it all? Do you ever wonder who the first person to recreationally cycle was? We wonder these things all the time!

In 1817, a running machine was introduced that allowed you to “run” along the ground while perched on a machine that was essentially two wagon wheels that were connected by a wooden plank and a rudimentary device used for steering. This “running machine” was introduced at the same time that society viewed physical exertion as unseemly. While these machines weren’t bicycles, they started a revolution by tapping into society’s need for exercise.

In the 1860s, a French factory added pedals and lever arms to the front wheel of the “running machine” and revealed to the world the first modern bicycle. During this exciting time, bicycles evolved from primitive contraptions to elegant, high-wheeled cycles. However, the bicycles were not that safe and this motivated innovators to look for a safer method of cycling.

Then, the Rover was born in 1885. It has a chain and gear to increase its leverage, which solved the problem of increasingly large from wheels. This safer bike lead to a cycling boom of unprecedented proportions in the 1890s.