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Don't Let Sweat Ruin Your Ride

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If you're someone that heads out on regular bike rides looking to build up endurance and break a good sweat, the last thing you want is for that sweat to ruin your ride by finding its way into your eyes. On a warm day, it doesn't take long for sweat to start under your helmet, and that's why Headsweats developed our cycling skullcaps. Our caps absorb sweat and keep your vision clear when you're working up those hills and cruising down the other side.

A prime example of our cycling skullcaps is our Super Duty Shorty. It features our Eventure™ terry sweatband, which at a thick two inches, effectively absorbs and wicks sweat from your forehead, keeping it from running down into your eyes and ruining your daily ride. It fits snugly and comfortably under your helmet, letting you maintain a focus on the road, instead of the sweat in your eyes. No more runny sunscreen or stinging eyes while riding - just a smooth, vigorous bike ride.

Headsweats' caps and visors have been a part of the Tour de France, Ironman competitions, and countless triathlons and marathons. If you're tired of sweat ruining your run or ride, check out our store and find the perfect sweat solution for your next competition. If you want to show school pride, you'll find officially licensed university gear on our site. If you have a Headsweats story that you want to share, we'd love to hear it! Fill out the contact form on our site and drop us a line at