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Early Morning Jogger? Check Out Our Hi-Viz Running Hats and Visors

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If you're someone who loves to get up early in the morning and go on a run before the people and traffic begin to populate the streets, it's important that you're visible to those that are commuting to work in the wee hours of the day. With high visibility running hats and running visors from Headsweats, you'll feel safe and secure as you jog through the neighborhoods before the sun comes up.

This Hi-Viz Yellow Running Hat is lightweight and reflective, meaning that it won't feel bulky on your head and you'll be seen by every motorist and fellow jogger that passes you. It also features reflective piping that will catch the light cast by streetlamps and the headlights of passing cars. For our female runners with long hair, this hat has an adjustable buckle with generous ponytail opening, so your hair won't get out of control or distract you while jogging. We want you to be as comfortable as possible while jogging, both in what you're wearing on your head and how you feel while on the street. Along with a reflective running hat or visor, it's important to have reflective surfaces on your clothing and shoes, so you're as visible as possible to others.

When you shop with Headsweats, you always get amazing value for your money. With our patented perspiration technology, you'll stay cool during every run, keeping heat exhaustion and overexertion at bay. Every time you tie your shoes and head out the door, you'll know you'll be visible, cool, and confident during your morning jog.