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Embrace The Cold: Cycling Caps & Other Tips For Winter Cycling

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Here at Headsweats, we absolutely love cycling. Whether it's 80 degrees outside or 30 degrees, we love gearing up and biking to our heart's content. There are a few things that are very important when considering a ride in the cooler temperatures this winter. From the right cycling cap to the right base layer, choose the right cold weather cycling gear is more important than you think!

1. Dress appropriately. This is the most important tip that we can't stress enough as it has the biggest impact on whether you enjoy your ride or not. We recommend three layers in the cold temperatures: a thin, polyester or other wicking material for a base layer to keep you dry, a slightly looser layer than your base layer for your middle layer to keep warm air trapped close to your skin, and an outer layer that is both water and wind resistant.

2. Warm up from inside out. It's important to warm up before cycling no matter what time of the year it is, but it's especially crucial in cold weather. Cold weather causes your muscles and tendons to constrict, which means blood flow is limited to areas that need it most. Spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes warming up in the winter.

3. Feed yourself and your body. No matter how well you dress and warm up before going out to ride, your body will still be working harder when cycling in the winter. Your body will use more energy doing the same thing in the winter as it does in the summer. So you don't exhaust yourself early in your ride, consume more calories to feed your body for longer.