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Fall Running Tips

Posted by Teresa Haines on

With cooler temperatures, crisp breezes and the gentle falling of colorful leaves,fall almost seems like it was specifically designed for runners. Most days are like a treat meant to encourage longer runs through golden landscapes under perfect blue-skies. Runners often choose autumn as their favorite season to train in and why wouldn't they? The whole season is practically perfect: not too hot, not too cold. 

There are however things to keep in mind when running during the autumn months. Days are shorter and the placement of the sun during certain times of both the morning and evening can render roadside runners virtually invisible. Avoid running during these times if possible or wear reflective clothing and headlamps. Running with a group can also keep you safer and more visible than running alone. Make doubly-sure that drivers see you by making eye contact with them before crossing streets. 

Certain areas also experience more moisture in the autumn months making your choice of footwear important. Make sure to choose footwear that is meant for soggy surfaces and protects against slipping. Protect other areas of your body against exposure to the cold by wearing tights, gloves and a running hat or skullcap meant to wick away moisture and keep you guarded against cool breezes. 

With proper protection and conscientious safety measures, running during the colorful, mild months of autumn can produce some of the most successful running experiences of the year.