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Four Reasons to Consider Joining a Cycling Club

Posted by Teresa Haines on

In the cycling world you'll find plenty of those who will profess to the benefits of going solo. Long and solitary rides, whose length and locations are determined only by you, allow some cyclists to enjoy the quiet of having only themselves as company. There is a lot to be said, however, for joining a group of like-minded peers for weekend and occasional rides through a cycling club. The best reasons for riding alongside others include:cycling caps

  • Better training for races. Obviously cycling races are a group event with upwards of hundreds of participants. To be able to ride these events, it's imperative that you train to ride in groups. Also, the pace of the group, if slightly above yours, can help you reach that next level of performance.
  • More social interaction. Joining a cycling club can expand your social circle and fill it with people that have the same interests as yours as far as cycling goes. Not only do recreational bike clubs offer weekend rides but they often have related events scheduled for members throughout the year. 
  • Increased safety and support. The increased visibility of a group of riders allows you the benefit of added safety during rides. Plus, if you should have any mechanical or health issues along the ride, help can be found alongside of you. 
  • Cycling with a group adds a touch of fun to the ride. Aside from the gatherings before and after the ride, the time during the ride can be made more fun with the faster pace and the ability to draft other cyclists. 

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