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Have You Considered a Recumbent Bike?

Posted by Teresa Haines on

Where we are proponents of cyclists of all types, we have to admit that we've been a tad remiss in acknowledging our friends who choose to cycle less "upright" than others. Those who choose to ride recumbent bikes will consistently preach the benefits of the laid-back style regardless of the myths and even stigmas that plague their use. Their shape often lends to the erroneous belief that the bike allows you to take it easier on rides. Where they do allow for more comfort, they are still human-powered vehicles and still supply the same cardiovascular workout as their traditional counterparts. It is up to the user as to how much benefit they gain from the recumbent as with any bicycle. Recumbents do use different muscles so if making a switch remember that you may have some training difficulty to overcome at first.

Users also point to equivalent potential for speed; though this is a point of argument in spite of the fact that all land speed and distance records are held by recumbent and recumbent designs. Regardless, if you are not a fast rider, it is unlikely that a recumbent will help you to move at a faster pace. It really comes down to riding preference. 

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