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Headsweats Running Hats: Run Comfortably, Longer!

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People have been running for ages and for many different reasons. However, it wasn't until relatively recently that running hats and running caps were invented to shade runners from the harsh sun, other weather elements, and to keep their head dry and sweat from getting in their eyes. Here at Headsweats, we value the drive and motivation that it takes to get out there and run every morning or evening. Sure, you could be doing other things, but you love the adrenaline and the way you feel after a great run - we do, too!

Long before the benefits of running were known, people were still running - but for what purpose? Oftentimes, those who were able to run for long distances without getting tired were hired or selected to run errands, deliver messages, or take people from point a to point b. Society took advantage of these people's abilities to run with great stamina and turned it into a profession. The profession of a runner was a pretty important one, too. Imagine being the messenger during times of war, knowing important and useful information that only you and a select few were privy to. Oftentimes the direction of a war or battle would hinge on these messengers getting to their destination and not faltering.

Things aren't as dire anymore and we're thankful for that. You can run to your heart's content for pleasure and fitness without having to worry about the weight of private information. Run with Headsweats and run comfortably.