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New Line of Headsweats Running Hats and Cycling Caps are the Coolest Yet

Posted by Teresa Haines on

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At Headsweats, our awesome team of headgear engineers are always looking to improve upon our already state-of-the-art running hats, cycling caps and visors for both men and women. With that focus in mind, our new line of Headsweats Elite skull cap and headband were born. 

Currently offering a shorty beanie, or skull cap, and a headband, version the Elite line is the first from Headsweats to utilize Icefil® cooling technology. This fabric literally uses your own sweat to quickly cool you down while running or cycling. Still being able to rely on the high-quality construction and durability of Headsweats designs, you'll enjoy further benefits with the Icefil® fabric that include our patented terry headband, diffused ultraviolet rays and two way circulation. The beanie promises a better fit with its shorter tail, while the "topless" version lets you enjoy the same features when you want to not wear a hat or visor. The innovative fabric cools you more, the more you move, by converting the sweat you generate into cooling energy.

With the Tour de France currently underway, we're sure that there is a part of every cycling enthusiast that is living vicariously through their cycling sport

cycling caps

heroes. The 21 stage race covering a distance of 3,664 miles attracts some of the world's best and most respected riders, and as an official Tour de France product sponsor, we proudly support the race's elite athletes. Show your support by donning your choice of a variety of Tour de France cycling hats and visors.