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Our Running Visors Help You Run In The Snow

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If you're not one who lets the weather keep them indoors when the snow starts falling, you're like us. Here at Headsweats, we love staying dedicated to running and cycling all year, even when the weather gets a little crazy. Our running hats, running caps, and running visors are sure to get you where you're going this winter, from keeping your head warm and dry, to keeping that strong winter sun out of your eyes. Running on the snow is a bit different, though. We've compiled some tips that you may find useful when you're out there running in your Headsweats gear this winter!

  • Try ice grippers. They offer traction and confidence for winter running, especially in the snow. They slip right over your running shoes and they don't add any weight.
  • You could also change your exercise up a bit and try snowshoeing. If you can run, you can snowshoe!
  • You can also put screws on your running shoes for traction. Try securing hex-head screws on the soles of a pair of running shoes - but maybe try it with old running shoes first just in case you mess something up.
  • Buy a pair of trail running shoes. Trail runners have better grip on their soles and are somewhat waterproof.
  • Wear a running hat with a brim so that it keeps snow out of your eyes and face.
  • Wear two pairs of socks, one pair that's thinner (closer to your feet, synthetic material) and another pair that's thicker and made of wool.