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Running Hats + More: Tips For Beginning Runners

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Every day more and more people are hitting the trails and sidewalks (or making their own trail!) as beginning runners. Here at Headsweats, we were once there! As outdoor enthusiasts, we all had to start somewhere and through our frustrations in our outdoor activities, our Headsweats brand was born. Whether you're looking for a new running hat to keep sweat out of your eyes or maybe you need a head band, Headsweats can help! We also have some tips for beginning runners below!

1. Get fitted for a pair of running shoes. Pay a visit to your local running store where you can find a much more knowledgeable staff than at a big box store. At many stores you'll be able to get a gait analysis which will help you determine your foot strike pattern.

2. Make some investments. Get technical with some good fabric running shorts, tops, and socks. Your body will thank you for it later after avoiding chaffing, blisters, and irritation.

3. Find a group! Oftentimes people have plenty of motivation to where they don't need a group with which to run. However, many other people do need outside motivation to help them stick to a routine and that's completely fine.

4. Develop a beginning running plan. It's much harder than you may think to just get out the door and start running, especially if you've been very sedentary.

5. Get acclimated to running before you knock it. Your body can take up to 4-6 weeks to get acclimated to your new routine. Don't give up now just because you feel tired after running - this feeling doesn't last forever!