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Running Tips: Why Wear A Running Hat?

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Here at Headsweats, we know that wearing a hat year around when running is good protection, but did you? It’s easy to collect a plethora of different types of running hats and running caps, but they’re useless if you don’t use them. It may be difficult to choose what type of hat you want to wear sometimes, but know that regardless of what hat you pick, you’re doing a good service to your head and body by wearing protective gear.

For example, whether you’re running in a race or simply going out for your morning run, wearing a hat is going to keep your head safe from high winds and rain if you happen to run into inclement weather. Especially if it’s could outside, you should absolutely wear a hat because you can lose a lot of body head through your head otherwise. You’re not going to be able to run for a very long time at all if you can’t stop shivering from being cold or wet.

Wearing a running hat is ideal for summer, too. Protecting your head from the sun’s harsh rays will help you fight off heat exhaustion. We’ve all seen people collapse from heat exhaustion during races and it doesn’t look fun. Don’t be one of those guys or girls!

And at the very least, running hats are great for keeping sweat and sunscreen out of your eyes in the hot summer months. If you’re heading out today for any reason, don’t forget to throw on your cap!