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Stay on Your Bike as the Seasons Change

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Even though fall has arrived, that doesn't mean you have you hang your bike up in the garage or store it in the shed until spring returns. With cooler temperatures and shorter days, you may need a few extra layers on your rides, but the most passionate cyclists will forge ahead and get that fantastic workout that they crave every day. At Headsweats, we carry cycling caps that keep your head warm, but don't add the bulk under your helmet that makes biking even harder.

Our Mid-Cap is a great choice for cyclists who live in a climate that enjoys four distinct seasons. It keeps sweat from running down your face in the summer, and keeps in the necessary body heat during the winter. The beanie fit keeps it snug over your ears and the fabric terry band keeps sweat out of your eyes. With your choice of four bright colors, you can match your cycling jersey, shoes, and any other cycling apparel that you own.

Brave the elements this autumn and keep rolling down the road on your bike by picking up cycling caps, visors, and more at Headsweats. Our products will keep you cool when you need it, and warm when you head out on those early morning rides. It doesn't matter if you're participating in a road race or just trying to stay in shape, you can keep cycling all year long. If you're part of a cycling team, we can make your very own custom hats! With tons of styles and options, everyone will look great in their new caps.