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Our Fabric Technology is Second to None

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Many people have worn our cycling caps and running hats through numerous road races and marathons. Headsweats is proud to be worn by these athletes and competitors that put in the extra time and effort to perform at peak levels. Peak performance isn't something that just happens, and that applies to our fabric technology just as it does to running and cycling. By creating the best headwear, we can help your body stay cool during competition, allowing you to keep going and finish strong. Our Eventure™ Fabric is the foundation of all our headwear and is second to none in terms of performance.

The Eventure™ Technology goes into every product that we make and is designed to move and stretch with you as you move. The Grid fabric is lightweight and durable, as well as extremely breathable, allowing heat to escape from your body instead of becoming trapped under your cycling helmet. The Woven fabric is tear resistant, so you won't have to worry about something happening during your next race. Each Eventure™ model is extremely effective at wicking away moisture, keeping the sweat out of your eyes while you stay cool and on track.

We also carry Knit and Fleece options in specific models of our headwear, so if you train year round in a climate that experiences all four seasons, you can wear a Headsweats cap or hat that wicks away sweat while helping keep your body at the proper temperature. Our cycling caps and running hats are designed to improve your performance, and that's something to which we'll always stay committed.

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