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Get Back on the Road with New Cycling Hats from Headsweats

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If you've been injured while cycling, you know how difficult it can be to go through rehab and physical therapy in order to return to riding form. It's common knowledge that most cycling injuries occur in the legs and ankles since they exert the most force over the course of a training ride or road race. If you've just recovered from an injury and are ready to get back on the road, don one of Headsweats' cycling hats before you sit in the saddle and you'll stay cool as you pedal through your neighborhood.

Unless you know you can handle it, it's best not to push it too hard on your first ride following a rehabbed injury. Muscle and tendon injuries can take quite a bit of time to heal, and if you get back on your bike too soon, you could re-aggravate the injury and be off the road for longer than previously planned. If you were involved in a road race crash and came away with a broken patella or tibia, it's imperative that you know for certain that everything has healed correctly before you strap on that helmet and head down the road. If you're still experiencing pain while riding, even after proper rehabilitation, you may need to adjust your seat or pedals to accommodate for your body position.

Cycling hats from Headsweats can keep you cool, and your helmet and other cycling gear can keep you safe on the road, but you, as the rider, are ultimately responsible for taking care of your body following an injury. We want every cyclist to enjoy each ride they take, and to come back feeling great about what they've accomplished.

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