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Celebrate the Month of March with a New Running Hat!

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It seems like March came in like a lion for a majority of the country, but hopefully that means it goes out like a lamb. As temps rise and the weather turns a bit nicer, you'll be out there running again, perhaps getting ready for your first 10K or half marathon of the year. If you're looking for a new running hat to keep the sun off your head and the wind out of your face, visit Headsweats this month.

We've already talked about the annual college basketball tournament, but another big day in the month of March is of course St. Patrick's Day. While it's a time to gather with friends and celebrate your Irish heritage (no matter how much or how little you may have) it's also a great time to participate in a fun-run or road race. We have several St. Paddy's Day products, including our 3 Clovers Hi-Vis Race Hat. This reflective hat is perfect for early morning and late evening runs, and will make you easy to spot when you're on the street. It has an adjustable buckle, so it will work for any head size, and women can easily pull their hair back and through the hat's ponytail opening.

If you love to celebrate the month of March and everything that goes on in the third month of the year, visit Headsweats today and pick out a new St. Patrick's Day running hat or visor, and you'll be set until the next big holiday!

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