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Share in the Madness with a New Running Visor

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With only a few weeks left until the college basketball season ends and the madness of the yearly tournament begins, it's important that you show your school pride, no matter how long ago you were in college. If you love to cycle or run to stay fit, share in the madness this March with a new running visor from Headsweats. We have hats and visors for every major basketball powerhouse in the nation, so no matter who you root for, you'll find the perfect headwear on our site.

If you're fan of the currently undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, you can pick up a new Supervisor, Shorty Cap, or Fitted Race Hat for your next biking or running session. You can wear it during your first spring race, which, depending on your climate, could be coming up very soon. If you love to show school pride while participating in a road race, or if you live in Lexington and plan to head to the arena for the last few regular season games, you'll have the perfect hat or visor for the occasion.

For the 64 teams that make the annual tourney, it can be quite a ride for both the players and the fans. For those teams that make it to the championship, the tournament can be an adventure of ups and downs, as well as thrilling victories. If you look forward to March every year and the fantastic college basketball around the country, show your support with a new team running visor or hat from Headsweats.

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