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A New Visor or Hat for Your First Race of the Year

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You've spent most of the winter indoors, just waiting for that first nice day when you can get your running shoes out of the closet or the bike down off the hooks and hit the streets for a run or a ride. At Headsweats, we love when the weather turns nicer and you can get outside and start gearing up for your first race of the year. You may have been running on treadmills or pedaling on stationary bikes during the winter, but with spring's arrival, you're planning to take your workout outside. If you want to protect your eyes and your head on those sunny days, check out our running hats and visors for women.

If you're a woman that runs multiple races throughout the course of the spring and summer, you know how important it is to be both mentally and physically prepared. You try to minimize distractions while training, and may run or ride in a secluded place with less traffic and pedestrians. Most of all, you want to stay focused on getting in shape for your first race. Our Women's Tempo Visor will help keep your hair out of your eyes and the Eventure terry sweatband will catch any perspiration that tries to find its way into your eyes. If you have to run or ride in a location where there's traffic, the reflective piping will keep you safe and visible.

If you're preparing for your first marathon or road race of the season, stay focused and train harder by browsing our visors for women. Pick one out that suits you, head outside, and push yourself harder than ever.

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