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Take One of Our Super Running Visors on Your Next Jog

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When you go for a run on a sunny day, you want to keep your eyes and face protected from the UV rays. You apply sunscreen and put on a hat, but as you run, your hat keeps heat from escaping from the top of your head. Soon, sweat is running down your forehead and you're having to take off your hat to wipe your brow, smearing your sunscreen and blinking away the stinging sweat. At Headsweats, our super running visors will keep your head cool and protect your eyes and face from the sun.

If you hail from the Centennial State, or are one of many transplants to the Rocky Mountain region, our Colorado Supervisor will make the perfect accessory for your next run. Many Colorado citizens love the outdoors, and spend much of their free time hiking and biking the trails and mountains to be found there. It's a popular vacation spot as well, so if you're from out of state and plan to visit Colorado soon, show love for your home away from home with a running visor from Headsweats.

Each visor features our patented cooling technology, keeping sweat out of your eyes and allowing the heat to leave your body through the top of your head. With less bulk than a baseball cap, a visor is a perfect alternative for the outdoor enthusiast that wants to keep the sun out of their eyes, which, in places like Colorado, is often more intense. No matter where you're headed, our visors will keep you cool.