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What's Better Than a Loudmouth Running Cap?

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We've written about our Loudmouth hats before, and we know that many of our customers have found them to be the perfect cycling and running caps. For those that don't like them as much, it's probably because they're not much of a loudmouth in life. While that's perfectly fine, those that are bold and outspoken love having a hat or visor that says and does the very same thing. A loudmouth on the course may get under some people's skin, but they may also spur a greater effort from those that are competing or training for that next big race.

Loudmouth is of course known for making outrageous golf apparel that only the very tongue-in-cheek would dare wear during a round of 18 holes. Whether you want to be spotted from the other end of the fairway or at the top of a hill, a Loudmouth hat from Headsweats will make a statement without you ever having to open your own mouth. You can find hats with stars, stripes, and thunderbolts in our store, and while some onlookers will give you strange looks as you pedal by, others will cheer your audacity and courage.

If you're starting a new cycling or running regimen to get in shape for your first race of the year, show that you have no fear by donning a Loudmouth cap from our store. Headsweats is proud to offer these extravagant running caps to all our customers, even though we know that it takes a certain person to pull off the Loudmouth style.