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Race Hat | Wavy


SKU: 7700-401sWavyAP

Most days don't have races anyway…

This cult classic continuously delivers, not only for the starting line but for every run in-between.

The Woven Race Hat offers an adjustable rear buckle (approx. 57cm - 63cm) for superior fit. Made with our Eventure® Woven fabric, you’ll discover how lightweight, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and tear-resistant this piece truly is to prevent any training distractions. Within the inner rim, an Eventure® Terry sweatband will work to absorb and quickly dry any sweat for additional comfort and ultimately to keep your focus on crushing your next goal.
This item is machine washable and will not shrink. Be sure to air dry for continuous quality of use.
*See care instructions for all insider tips to keep your head cool!

- Adjustable rear buckle with ponytail opening
- Eventure™ Woven shell
- Eventure™ terry sweatband
- Large sizing (adjustable from approx. 57cm - 63cm)