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Baffle Thermotech


SKU: 7718-104SND

A first generation style that has truly earned its name. The Baffle Thermotech is the new standard for camping headwear. It's quilted woven fabric adds a layer of warmth that'll make every chilly morning at a campsite or cozy campfire a better experience. It's additional lined neck protection features a fun pattern which you can decide to keep to yourself or flip the panel up and show it off. Longer hair doesn't have to stay in a low pony since the back vent in this cap can also be used for a ponytail opening. See the difference on your next adventure!

This item is machine washable and will not shrink. Be sure to air dry for continuous quality of use.

  • Durable quilted twill
  • Soft flannel lined neck cover
  • Back vent / ponytail opening
  • Single Size (57cm)
  • Machine wash; air dry