Best Reflective Running Gear: 14 Items You Need (2021)

Best Reflective Running Gear: 14 Items You Need (2021)

By: Abbie Watkins, Fitness Content Executive, OriGym / Date: February 8, 2021


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If you’re a fan of running early in the morning or later at night, investing in reflective running gear is absolutely essential. 

Wearing reflective running clothing and accessories is the best way to maximise your visibility when you’re out running, especially if your route takes you along busy roads. 

We’ve tried and tested the best reflective running gear out there and included all of our favourites into 3 lists: clothing, accessories, and shoes. 

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Best Reflective Clothing For Runners 

Stuck on what to wear for a run when it’s dark out? Well, you’re in the right place. 

Below are the best reflective running vests, jackets, shorts, you name it! We’ve included only the best gear for men and women, so let’s get started. 


Headsweats Unisex Reflective Hats  

This product is a must-have for those looking for high-quality reflective running headgear. 
It comes with a classic run-hat fit that ensures maximum comfort, especially since it only weighs 2oz, and the Eventure knit fabric only adds to this. Not only does it wick away moisture as you sweat, but it also keeps your head dry in wet weather - this is incredibly important when completing longer runs! 
In terms of its reflective features, there is reflective piping around the brim and bottom of the hat. It’s striking when put to the test and will ensure the safety of anyone who wears it. Given the neutral colour, it will also look great paired with other reflective clothing items and maximise the user’s visibility when running in low light conditions. 
The product has 94% positive reviews on Amazon where it is sold in the UK, with users consistently praising it for its lightweight and absorbent qualities alongside its reflectiveness. 

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