BEYOND RUNNING… Small changes to your daily routine that can make a BIG difference on race day!!

BEYOND RUNNING…    Small changes to your daily routine that can make a BIG difference on race day!!

By Headsweats Ultrarunner and Ambassador –Susan Schenberg



 Many runners focus their energy on simply running more often, in order to become a better runner. Sadly, this commonly results in injury or worse, burnout. Here are some simple daily changes that will pay off big time on race day and may even help you not only stay occupied during this nation-wide situation but also keep you on track to reach your goals!     


 What are you thinking?


During a race, you will experience many highs and lows. Having the ability to control your mindset can positively affect your outcome. Here are a few of my favorite books which will help you with the all-important mind/body connection. I also wrote an earlier blog about Mindset Training with Coach Renae Colbey, that’s a great resource to utilize!   



Finding Inspiration



I can tell you firsthand that these stories will change your outlook on life. All of the authors listed have overcome obstacles. Whatever you may be dealing with in your everyday life, these are stories that matter. Most of the books are also available as audiobooks if you prefer to listen while you run! #READYSETSWEAT  



  You Are What You Eat

 Exercise alone will not keep you healthy. Diet and exercise go hand in hand and my personal favorite athlete meal is a quality slice of healthy toast with all the fixings! Avocado Toast and Salmon Toast are two of my go-to’s. Both are nutrient-rich, easy to make and heart-healthy. If you need some inspiration in the food department, here are some worthy reads to help you find the best diet to fit your needs and your tastebuds. 


Sleep for Health



Experts agree that 7-9 hours of sleep a day is KEY to optimal health. Yet, many people still struggle to get the recommended daily amount of sleep. Doctors often suggest cutting caffeine consumption or taking a melatonin supplement to calm your nervous system for a more restful sleep. The game-changer for me was getting a SNOOZ or as I affectionately call it, “The Noisemaker”. Babies sleep to “white noise” which happens to work pretty well for adults too. I also have a SNOOZ in my travel bag as I have shared many a room with runners who snore and this device works like a charm. 

 Your Feet Friend or Foe

After reading “Fixing Your Feet”, I realized how important my feet are and they shouldn’t be taken for granted. I got serious about treating my feet pre-race to guard against blisters. Before every race, I tape my feet with Hypafix, a water-resistant, non-irritating adhesive tape. I also wear toe socks (go up a size when wearing tape) and wear a half size larger shoe. I do many multi-day races and have not had a blister in years. The time you invest pre-race will pay off BIG TIME post-race. 

And there you have it… invest a little time focusing on these simple changes and “GO GET IT” on race day!!  

Keep a cool head!  

Susan Schenberg 


Since 2016, I’ve been an Athlete Ambassador for Headsweats, the industry leader in performance headwear. I am super proud to be a part of the “Team Headsweats” family. Whether I am racing or enjoying a post-run coffee, Headsweats always has me covered... where fashion meets function and #keepacoolhead isn’t just a tagline. #ThanksHeadsweats 


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