Experience the Thrill of Ironman Boulder 70.3 with Headsweats and OMIUS

Experience the Thrill of Ironman Boulder 70.3 with Headsweats and OMIUS

The Ironman Boulder 70.3 is one of the most anticipated triathlon events of the year, drawing athletes from around the globe to the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado. Scheduled for June 6-8 2024, this event promises intense competition and breathtaking scenery. This year, the race will be even more exciting with the presence of Headsweats, a leading performance headwear brand, in collaboration with OMIUS, a pioneer in wearable cooling technology. Together, they will bring innovative gear and support to athletes striving to achieve their best.

The Event: Ironman Boulder 70.3

Ironman 70.3 races, also known as Half Ironmans, are a test of endurance, speed, and strategy. The Boulder course is renowned for its challenging yet picturesque terrain. Athletes will swim 1.2 miles in the Boulder Reservoir, bike 56 miles through the stunning foothills of the Rockies, and run 13.1 miles along Boulder’s scenic trails surrounding Boulder Rez. The combination of high altitude and diverse elevation changes makes it a uniquely demanding race.

Headsweats: Elevating Performance Headwear

Headsweats has long been synonymous with high-quality, performance-driven headwear designed for athletes of all disciplines. Known for their superior moisture-wicking capabilities and comfort, Headsweats hats and visors are a staple among triathletes. At Ironman Boulder 70.3, Headsweats will be showcasing their latest collection, OMIUS by Headsweats, designed to keep athletes cool and focused from start to finish.

OMIUS: Cutting-Edge Cooling Technology

OMIUS specializes in creating wearable cooling technology that helps athletes maintain optimal body temperatures during intense physical activity. Their innovative products, such as cooling headbands and wristbands, utilize advanced materials and designs to enhance heat dissipation and improve performance. By partnering with Headsweats, OMIUS aims to provide triathletes with the best possible gear to tackle the heat and high demands of the race.

A Perfect Partnership: Headsweats and OMIUS

The collaboration between Headsweats and OMIUS at Ironman Boulder 70.3 represents a perfect synergy of comfort and technology. Athletes will have access to exclusive gear combining Headsweats' renowned fit and breathability with OMIUS’s state-of-the-art cooling solutions. This partnership aims to help participants maintain peak performance by managing sweat and body temperature effectively.

Spotlight on the Gear

  1. Cooling Performance Caps: These caps integrate Headsweats’ lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with OMIUS cooling panels to provide a constant cooling effect. Perfect for the grueling 56-mile bike ride and the 13.1-mile run under the Colorado sun.

  2. Cooling Headbands: Designed to keep sweat out of your eyes while providing an additional cooling effect, these headbands are ideal for the high-energy transitions between race segments.

  3. Performance Visors: Combining the best of Headsweats’ design and OMIUS’s cooling technology, these visors offer sun protection and cooling comfort, ensuring athletes stay focused and comfortable.

Join Us at the Expo

The Ironman Village expo, taking place in the days leading up to the race, will feature a Headsweats and OMIUS booth where athletes can learn more about the technology behind the products, try out the latest gear, and receive expert advice on optimizing performance in extreme conditions. You can also purchase select hats from the newly-released Summer '24 and TRI Collections, out now at www.headsweats.com. See you in Boulder!


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