Holiday Training Tips to Keep You on Track

Holiday Training Tips to Keep You on Track

The holidays tend to be tricky to navigate but when you’re an athlete, it takes it to another level. Fitting into your jeans after the ball drops is not your main fear but making sure you’re still on track when it comes to reaching your training goals is. This battle doesn’t have to be fought alone! Headsweats wants to help where we can. We’re so fortunate to have a superb network of athletes that love sharing their wealth of knowledge from experience, not only with each other but with the Headsweats community too.  

If you follow us on twitter you might recognize some of our holiday hustle tips and tricks to get through the season without compromising your 2020 goals. We’ve made it super easy and compiled those we believe can’t be ignored.  


Break the routine. 

If you’re custom to a daily workout regimen, the holidays defiantly pose a threat to this way of life. It’s time to learn that flexibility is key, and you’ll have to go with the flow. When the opportunity presents itself for some training time, don’t hesitate to take it 


Prepare for temporary change. 

To piggy-back on our previous tip, change up the duration, intensity and frequency when necessary. If you find that you can only spare fifteen or thirty minutes, try pushing harder by altering your intensity. If you can’t make it out for a longer run, try doing a couple shorter ones sprinkled throughout the day.  


Keep your baseline of fitness.  

We understand that your training goals are constantly something you strive for, but this season does require some temporary alterations. Instead of stressing about your next event, turn your focus to maintaining your current fitness levels. You’ve worked hard to be where you are and now is a great time to acknowledge how far you’ve come. 



Don't forget to get yourself a gift.  

The excitement about a new gift can be the perfect motivation to go and workout. This is the giving season so remember that includes you too!  If you like to train outdoors, you'll need the proper gear that works as hard as you do. Combat colder temperatures with thermal and moisture-wicking wear to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the workout. To feel like a kid again who can't wait to use their new toy for the first time, is a powerful feeling that you should take advantage of.  


Create a tentative plan.  

This may sound like we’re contradicting ourselves but we’re not. You probably have a pretty good idea about what your week might look like so use this knowledge to your advantage. Think ahead and see where you may have time to go for a run or pop in at your gym. You may find that you’ll have to “make” time by getting up a little earlier than the rest of your clan.  

Don’t go at it alone.  
The holidays are about being close with your loved ones and the same should go for your training program. Reach out to your workout buddies. Chances are they are struggling with the same issues and it’s easier to stay on track when you have someone that’ll keep you accountable.  Don’t forget to ask if your family would like to join. You might be surprised by their response.  


This time of the year doesn’t have to derail your training progress. At Headsweats, we understand that this time is stressful enough without the added pressure of being an athlete. Remember to keep a cool head inside and out and we can’t wait to see you crush your training goals for 2020 

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Merry miles and happy hustle,  



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