Honoring Strong Moms!

Honoring Strong Moms!

We reached out to some amazing Mom's to ask them all about motherhood and staying active! We're proud to support strong moms! Enjoy getting to know Kristian, Hilary, Emily, and Claudine.

Happy Mother's Day to all Strong Moms!


How long have you been active in your sport?

Kristian: I started running in 2015 on whim during winter. I need to work on my decision making 😀

Hilary: For nearly eight years as a triathlete

Emily: I started running for run 5k, 10k in 2010 after I got out of the Air Force. Did my first half marathon 2012! 

Claudine: I’ve been actively running for 23 years 

How has being a Mother changed or affected your desire to stay active? 

Kristian: Initially it was a way for me to do something for myself. Have time to myself. As I became more involved in the sport, my kids wanted to participate. That's provided a different type of motivation. I wanted them to be active and healthy, so running and walking was a way for us to be active together.

Hilary: It absolutely affected my desire to change my life and do something out of my wheelhouse. I want to be there for my kids as they have families of their own and that makes being active even that more important.

Emily: For a little while it was hard, find the time between feeding, naps, but then it quickly became nap time/run time! So it definitely help me stay motivated to have my girls see me keeping active and moving!

Claudine: It’s always been important to me my daughter be exposed to healthy habits & that includes fitness!

What is your favorite thing about being a Mom? 

Kristian: Being able to tell someone what to do 😂.  I just love watching them grow and learn from their decisions. 

Hilary: My kids are my inspiration for doing what I do. They are my biggest cheerleaders and are very supportive. The last two races I PR’d. The one in Nashville, my son was texting me the whole time, “you got this mom, get it done!”  He was so excited when I PR’d it. Then in Hudson Valley, I PR’d it again and texted him. He immediately called me to congratulate me. My daughter has been just as supportive. She often runs races with me. During the NYC Marathon, my daughter and son-in-law met me at various miles handing me hydration and just as I crossed the finish line, my son called me from UC Berkeley where he went to school. It was so meaningful having my kids there during such a huge accomplishment.

Emily: My favorite thing is watching the world through them, seeing their excitement when they achieve something they have been working hard it! 

Claudine: Watching how daughter has become a responsible, driven and kind human being 

How long have you worn Headsweats?

Kristian: I have been wearing Headsweats since 2015. 

Hilary: Just about 10 years.

Emily: I started wearing Headsweats about 2017 I got an ambassador hat and then started ordering more, they were great to cover up my postpartum hair loss/new growth later too!

Claudine: 7 years

What is your favorite Headsweats product? 

Kristian: VISORS!!!! I switch between the Supervisor and Velocity styles however the Crusher style is slowly becoming a new fav. 

Hilary: In the summer, I love the visors because it protects my eyes from the sun (along with sunglasses). But I wear the trucker hat all the time. I’m bringing it with me to Japan! I also love the running hats. I wear these in the fall and spring.

Emily: I love my trucker hats!

Claudine: Visors for sure but I also love your beanies & holiday activewear

Any fun/special memories you'd like to share where motherhood and your sport intersect?

Kristian: My two youngest have been there for my first real 5K and attended numerous races with me over the years. Watching them be excited for and want to run with me brings so much joy.  

Hilary: For me, the biggest joy has been to run races with both of my kids. It makes them much more memorable and motivating. In Nashville, I ran with my son. There’s usually a woman’s race that my daughter and I do together every year in Central Park. It’s always a blast racing with them and it makes me feel like we’re doing something good for our bodies.

Emily: I loved doing a few kids runs with my girls! 

Claudine: Running races with my daughter.


How does Headsweats help you on your journey as an athlete? 

Kristian: Headsweats not only blocks the sun, but keeps the sweat out of my eyes. I love the terry lining. Plus, I'm all about being "matchy matchy" and they coordinate well with outfits😀

Hilary: I love being a triathlete, but I also love all the accessories that goes with it. Headsweats always has such interesting, new designs and wearing a new running cap or visor makes me more motivated to get out there and push for it.

Emily: It’s kept the sun and rain out of my face and eyes, catching so much sweat through all the long runs. I definitely am thankful for the hats and performances shirts too! 

Claudine: Headsweats visors are a must when I run

Anything else you want to share about being a strong mom athlete? 

Kristian: Our kids are watching even when we think they aren't. We don't always have to perfect. Show them it isn't always easy to navigate real life and doing activities that you love. But there can be joy in finding the balance.  

Hilary: As much as my kids inspire me, I also inspire them by getting out there every day at 5:30 am to workout for an hour or two or three. It motivates them to hit the gym or do something out of their wheelhouse and that makes me feel so good.

Emily: They watch when you don’t think they might, it’s fun and cool! Each day we can stronger not just physically but mentally and emotionally together! 


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