Keeping a New Year's Resolution

Keeping a New Year's Resolution

By: Maria Logan 

It’s that time of year again and like most people, you probably made a New Year’s Resolution. How’s that going so far? Are you doing it? Did you create a plan to get you started? Maybe the most important question you should ask yourself is, Do you want it?  

Many people make wrong decisions and set the wrong goals because they base them off what they think others want to see from them or expect of them. You may not identify this right away and that’s okay. When we do this, we fail to realize That’s not who we are! Ask yourself “What do I want?”  


I’ve learned that if you set your heart on something (and with a little bit of planning) you’re going to work harder for it. This isn’t just a tip with only the fitness community in mind but can be applicable to all aspects of life in the new year. If you really want to lose those 10 pounds or get your dream job, you’re going to push a little harder for it. In anything, if you’re not completely invested, you’re going to fall off track. Goals usually take some time and that’s okay. They say patience is a virtue and you shouldn’t lose sight of that.   


I didn’t wake up one day, decide to start running and then, after a week, call myself an Ultra Runner. It took years and I wouldn’t be where I am today without small achievable goals I set for myself along the way. I worked at a pace that was comfortable for me by creating my own workouts then finding what worked and what didn’t. Everyone’s at a different starting point and the only person you’re competing against is yourself. Your goals need to be uniquely tailored to work and that can only happen if you know your body or the amount of effort you realistically can put forward. Because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to have the same effect for you. Instead, learn from the experience of others by listening or observing and use that information as a starting point when building your personalized goals. 

This all comes back to YOU. If you’re equipped with the right mindset and tools that work, set a pace that’s achievable and doesn’t cause stress. 

Achieve your overall goal by setting one small goal at a time. As an athlete, I start by creating baby sets and as things start to get easy, raise that bar a little higher. If things get too hard, know that it is okay to fail, just don’t quit. Take a step back and focus on what’s in front of you then make adjustments. Take that bar down a notch. It’s okay to take your time as long as you take the next step and move forward again.  


“A Lion takes two steps back not because it is scared but to create momentum to Attack.”  


Quick tips: 

  • Start off with setting one small goal at a time and use that as stepping stones to reach your overall goal.  
  • Share your personal goal with someone and hold each other accountable.  
  • Talk about your progress. You’ll be surprised how motivating it is to share your achievements and it might make you hungry for more.   
  • If your original goal is causing you too much stress, it’s probably time to reevaluate. 
  • Take your time and understand that any progress, no matter how small, is still progress and something to be celebrated.  
  • Find things that keep you motivated. Getting a new piece of workout attire to show off usually does the trick.   


When you give yourself time, you’ll move forward again prepared for the next task, obstacle, or opportunity. Now, decide how bad you want it?  


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