Meet the Office Dogs!

We're working hard to create the best Headsweats products and experiences you love and expect, but we also love our four-legged friends. We're so happy to have them join us at the office or in our home offices while we work! We'd love for you to meet them, too. Introducing, the Headsweats Office Dogs! 


Atlas  and owner, Mary

Age: 4, adopted at 1 year old

Breed: Mostly Red Heeler, but possibly some Corgi mixed in! Seems to have a Corgi face and butt!

Favorites: Atlas loves to play fetch, tug-o-war, and “Find it!”. He is a cold-weather dog and loves the snow. He’s a great squirrel watcher and an avid fan of Halloween. He has won several contests this year with his Bathtub costume.

Atlas comes into the office most afternoons. His favorite thing to do at work is begging everyone to play with him instead of working.  He also thoroughly enjoys getting snacks anywhere he can find one!  He does roam the office quite a bit so he can know what’s going on, but he takes several naps under my desk on his bed too. He’s always been a great office dog, whether at Headsweats or joining his Dad at the Boulder Philharmonic!

Atlas’s owner and mom, Mary, is a Product Developer at Headsweats. She works on the designs and takes them from ideas in sketches to the real products you buy and wear. She also coordinates material sourcing, headwear fit, and new product arrivals with our warehouse and factory. 


OLIVER and owner, Magui

Age: 3

Breed: “Chitzu” - Chihuahua and Shi Tzu mix, but he has 6 other breeds as well!

Favorites: Oliver is terrified of riding in a car but loves running – he can outrun pretty much any dog! He speaks English and Spanish - like “Afuera!” (when it is time to go outside)

Oliver was adopted at a Headsweats event we put together to launch the Baxter Dog collection at Sanitas back in 2019. It’s clear he was meant to be part of the Headsweats family! The photo of him as a puppy was at our event, where we were promoting the rescue we were benefiting. Oliver has been coming to work at Headsweats since the very day he was adopted! He loves finding a sunny spot to take a nap and loves playing with Atlas, Mary’s dog.

Oliver’s owner, Magui is the sales manager at Headsweats.


ROEMER and owner, Alec

Age: 5 months

Breed: 50% Golden Retriever, but waiting on DNA test results to figure out what else!

Roemer is the new kid on the block in the Office Dog Family! At only 5 months old, he’s curious and sweet, and interested in everything! The picture of him in the tote was his first day of work at Headsweats when he was only eight weeks old. Roemer was named after one of Alec’s best friends.

Roemer’s owner, Alec is an account manager at Headsweats.


WINSTON and owner, Chelsea

Age: 4

Breed: French Bulldog

Favorites: Napping, chewing his antler, and car rides

 Biggest ears, worst listener! In his heart, Winston is no less than a full-grown Rottweiler. When the Cincinnati office closed, Winston and Chelsea continued along with Headsweats remotely, so now he is an office dog who shows up on the occasional Zoom meeting. As you can see from the pictures, he’s always been very productive on the job! It seems that Winston is never more than 3’ away. When he’s feeling extra needy, which is honestly pretty often, he will demand to lay behind Chelsea in her chair while she works. He is so smart and funny, always stylish!

Winston’s owner, Chelsey, is a Graphic Designer at Headsweats. She’s been with the company since 2014, so she’s worn a lot of “hats” here over the years. She worked in the original Cincinnati office, where Winston started out as a daily office dog with lots of other office pups. Headsweats has had office dogs since before office dogs were cool! Of course, one of the best parts of my job is enjoying all of my 4-legged coworkers when I’m in the Boulder office!



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