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Keep a Cool Head Inside & Out: 4 Tips You Can Practice Daily

Posted by Ileana Soundy on

Most people seem to have a short fuse these days, and it’s no surprise why. Psychologist Jelena Kecmanovic explained to the Washington Post how the pandemic can trigger stress responses in the form of sleeplessness, difficulty focusing,...

5 Golf Accessories Every Avid Golfer Needs

Posted by Ileana Soundy on

By: Jordan Fuller Despite being a low-impact activity, golf is a demanding sport. It’s not a power game, but it requires precision and accuracy. Golf doesn’t reward players who make the powerful swing like baseball,...

Running Against Time… How Far Can You Go?

Posted by Ileana Soundy on

Running Against Time… How Far Can You Go? By Susan Schenberg Many runners affectionately refer to timed races as “Hamsterfests”, as runners mimic a rodent on a wheel going around and around a looped course....

How to Re-Emerge from the Pandemic and Live Your Best Life

Posted by Ileana Soundy on

By: Stephanie Haywood   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this past year and a half has been anything but normal. For many of us, the limited socialization, changes in work...

Our Fabric Technology is Second to None

Posted by Ines Marchione on
Many people have worn our cycling caps and running hats through numerous road races and marathons. Headsweats is proud to be worn by these athletes and competitors that put in the extra time and effort to perform at peak levels. Peak performance isn't something that just happens, and that applies to our fabric technology just [...]