Headsweats Gives New Life to Recycled Plastic Bottles in Cycling Caps & Performance Apparel

BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 30, 2019) — Headsweats, a Colorado-based company known as the leader in ultra-light, supremely wicking performance headwear and athletic apparel, has partnered with REPREVE® to transform recycled plastic bottles into eco-friendly materials that will soon be used in their popular cycling and apparel product lines to start, then expanded to encompass all products in the future. Obsessed with product satisfaction and sustainability,
Headsweats does good for Mother Nature by giving new life to recyclables.

REPREVE, a sustainable fiber created from 100 percent post-consumer water bottles and preconsumer waste, is the most trusted, branded athletic fiber made from recycled materials. Through the unique REPREVE process, Headsweats plans to deliver high-quality performance apparel from trusted recycled content with innovative properties such as wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, breathability and more.

“Headsweats is known for quality and giving athletes products that help them perform at their best,” President Mike McQueeney said. “The exciting part about working with REPREVE is that we can continue to deliver superior under-the-helmet cycling caps and athletic apparel, without sacrificing that quality. With an added sustainability benefit, we feel we are doing our small part to minimize our manufacturing footprint and help save the planet. It’s just the right thing to

The Classic cycling cap, Super Duty Shorty cycling cap, cycling Skullcap and Reversible Headband from Headsweats will feature REPREVE Macro Orb material, an impressively technical 100 percent polyester fabric that wicks moisture, dries quickly and is very breathable to help cyclists perform at their best while feeling comfortable.

In addition, Headsweats’ custom Core Performance Plus tee -- in both short sleeve and long sleeve -- as well as the custom Elite Performance tee in short sleeve, will use REPREVE Pintec material which is designed to maintain maximum airflow to prevent overheating. With INSTAWICK™ moisture-wicking technology, these shirts wick moisture away from the body to maintain dryness all day.

Through the unique process and innovative technology of REPREVE, Headsweats is not only giving new life to recycled materials but helping offset the need for new petroleum which emits fewer greenhouse gases and ultimately conserves water and energy.

A unique combination of sustainability, innovation and performance, Headsweats’ new REPREVE products will be revealed at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show beginning Jan. 30, 2019 and will launch on Headsweats.com in April.

For more information about Headsweats’ new REPREVE products, visit Headsweats.com.

About Headsweats:
Considered the “secret weapon” for serious athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts alike, Headsweats is recognized as the world leader in ultra-light, supremely wicking headwear and athletic apparel. Starting with the Cotton Classic cycling cap in 1998, the full line now offers hundreds of high-quality products including hats, truckers, visors, active headbands, beanies,
winter accessories, and more – all backed by an unconditional warranty. With the ability to create unique, custom apparel as well, Headsweats is sought-after to help personalize apparel and optimize performance whether training at the gym, hiking the trails, pounding the pavement or celebrating on the podium. Headsweats designs are inspired by real life, tested by real athletes and trusted around the world.

For more information visit Headsweats.com.

Made by Unifi, Inc. (NYSE:UFI), REPREVE is the global leader in branded recycled performance fibers, transforming more than 10 billion plastic bottles into recycled fiber for new clothing, shoes, home goods and other consumer products. REPREVE is the earth-friendly solution to making consumers’ favorite brands more environmentally responsible. Found in products from
many of the world’s leading brands including New Era, Levi’s, Target and Ford. REPREVE fibers can also be enhanced with Unifi’s proprietary technologies for increased performance and comfort.

For more information about REPREVE, visit REPREVE.com, and connect with REPREVE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. REPREVE is a trademark of Unifi, Inc.