Upgraded Your Bike? Upgrade Your Headwear Too!

If you splurged for the first time in a long time this year, and bought a new road or mountain bike, you probably can't wait for the first time that you can take it out on the street or the trail. At Headsweats, we love seeing the new styles and updates that appear on the bike market each year, and if you're someone that watches the cycling world closely, you know what you like and what works for you. If you've upgraded your bike in 2015, why not upgrade your headwear as well? We have cycling caps that will work perfectly with your new helmet and new bike.

Everyone has a style of bike that they prefer, from lighter, more aerodynamic frames to more upright bikes that work well for longer rides. If you're into road races, you love finding a bike that lets you pedal easier and move faster, but has the durability to withstand hours of riding, and climbing and descending hills. Headsweats understand individual style, and we know that our traditional Cycle Cap will appeal to some, while our Gears Shorty cap will pique the interest of others. Whatever your preference, you'll find the ideal under-helmet cap on our site, and with our patented cooling technology, you won't have to worry about sweat ruining your ride.

With a new bike on the wall of your garage, and a new helmet in the box on a shelf next to it, take the next logical step and find new headwear by searching for cycling caps at Headsweats. We love helping people get the most of their rides, and keeping them cool through every mile they go.


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