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How to Maintain Healthy Hair While Wearing the Proper Head Gear

Posted by Christina Tench on

As athletes, you all know that some issues can make getting exercise a little cumbersome. They may seem like little nuances to you at first, but they can actually hinder how well your workout goes....

5 Common Fueling Mistakes Made by Athletes

Posted by Christina Tench on

Disclaimer: Before reading the following blog, I ask you to keep in mind that each person and their nutrition needs are different. That is why I recommend that everyone takes a personalized approach to their diet....

Top 4 Resistance Exercises For Cycling

Posted by Christina Tench on

Ft. Headsweats Partner Blog by: Victorem Printed Booty Brands  We all know that cycling is primarily a cardiovascular sport. Therefore, some cyclists say that resistance training is not necessary for riding but wouldn’t you also say cycling is a power sport? An increasing number of...

Staying on track when life gets in the way

Posted by Christina Tench on

By: James English As a husband, father of 4, part-time lacrosse coach, full-time sales executive and an amateur triathlete who is training for another Ironman this year. I often find myself saying the phrase “the...

Yoga Poses for Runners

Posted by Christina Tench on

By: Keri Mandell Having tight hips and legs can be very painful for a runner, but yoga can be a game-changer. Runners, like myself, often suffer from chronically tight hip flexors, hamstrings and calves. This...